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How to Boost eBay Sales and Repeat Buyers [Training] with 3Dsellers eBay Software and Selling Tools
How to Boost eBay Sales and Repeat Buyers [Training] with 3Dsellers eBay Software and Selling Tools

Use these eBay marketing strategies to win your customers and convert them into repeat buyers with 3Dsellers' eBay and eCommerce tools.

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Get inspired with ways our biggest sellers use 3Dsellers to grow eBay sales.

These methods can radically grow an eBay business when combined, as they each also create a part of your brand's image. We encourage all sellers to test these strategies for a few months to allow some time to grow.

After setup, this list of strategies will fit right into your business without extra marketing effort. For example, most of these strategies are or can be automated, leaving you with full-time 24/7 employees to boost your sales, while other methods can be partially automated.

In this article:

    • 1 Cross-Promote Items

    • 2 eBay Offers

    • 3 Feedback Reminder

    • 4 Attract buyers with listing designs that match your niche

    • 5 Boost your Listings in Google Search Results with eBay SEO

      • 5a Help Google See your Listings with Webstore

    • 6 Install a 3Dsellers Facebook Store

→ Pro Tip:

To review why repeat buyers are a leading source for more sales, check out this brief article with statistics on returning customers' power.

Boost New eBay Buyers

Here are the top ways sellers are getting their products in front of more people right now:

1) Cross-Promote Items

This feature allows you to compete with eBay ads on your listing. Your buyer will see your related items in the listing description before seeing eBay's sponsored items at the bottom of the page, which is your opportunity to get clicks instead of your competitors.

2) eBay Offers

  • Offers Automation can also send counteroffers to buyers.

This tool provides an automatic service to manage your eBay Offers that typically consume a lot of manual labor. Many sellers abandon eBay Offers due to the time required. But with the Offers Manager, you can employ an eBay Offers strategy without the time and expense.

3) Feedback Reminder

  • Boost your seller rating with the Feedback Reminder, giving your listings the best search rank.

  • Feedback Reminder will send a follow-up eBay Message to buyers as an opportunity for you to request feedback.

    • Pro Tip: use the Blocked List to ensure unsatisfied buyers don't receive feedback reminders.

The higher your feedback score, the better your seller status. In turn, eBay will begin favoring your items in search results.

4) Attract buyers with listing designs that match your niche

Below are some options when considering branding your business with a Listing Designer template:

  • Most niches fit great with a listing design template. Make the template constant with any other branding material you use.

    • Pro Tip: Some templates can be customized by a web designer's custom code while still allowing you to edit without code.

  • Consider making different templates with slight variations for different categories if your products are diverse.

  • If you sell on multiple eBay Marketplaces (UK, US, AU, etc.), consider creating multiple marketplace accounts and making a different listing design tuned for each country.

  • Suppose every seller in your niche uses raw text for a listing description. In that case, it may be best only to use the Listing Designer to cross-promote items and bulk-apply certain content to every listing (like a shipping delay update).

5) Boost your Listings in Search Results

Use the link above to learn why custom SEO can impact a listing's search results and write SEO.

→ Pro eBay SEO Tip:

When using eBay Promoted Listings, eBay will publish your listings to Google Shopping results. - Applying good SEO can help your items rank better on Google Shopping.

5a) Help Google recognize your listings

  • Once optimized, share a link to your Webstore on social media, trusted forums, and any other website that fits.

  • (Continue sharing links to your Webstore on websites every so often)

The strategy you are playing is:

  1. You give Google access to your Webstore, creating trust and favor with Google.

  2. Google watches the traffic from the links you shared.

  3. Google sees the links you're sharing grow on other websites.

  4. Google then starts favoring the links on the Webstore to your listings because of the trust and traffic.

This strategy is a power-play by using the 3Dsellers Webstore as a proxy to encourage Google to promote your items in search results through "backlinks" (links shared) to your Webstore, thus showing Google your eBay listings.

6) Use a Facebook Store

  • Follow this guide to set up a 3Dsellers Facebook Store.

Aside from the extra exposure on Facebook, the additional links to your eBay items will help Google see your eBay listings, helping your overall eBay SEO.

Boost Repeat eBay Buyers

Boosting repeat buyers relies entirely on good customer service:

  • You'll only have a small amount of trust with the buyer after placing an order.

  • For the rest of the fulfillment, begin to build more trust with the buyer.

    • Build a reputation for your brand.

  • The treatment of a customer after a sale is a significant part of your brand, and brands with good, trusted customer service bring back more repeat customers.

1) Writing Messages:

Many of the strategies below involve writing custom messages, which is almost a strategy on its own. Writing good messages for your brand requires that you capture the attitude of your niche.

For example,

  • If you sell plush dolls and colorful gifts to families, your customers may want to see a lot of bubbly writing in your messages to add to the experience.

  • If you sell car parts to mechanics, your busy clients may want to see a short message that only takes a few seconds to read.

  • If you are a mom-and-pop shop just branching out, you may write with a home-style approach to help acquire love from your audience and request more reviews.

  • If selling high-profile items, you may tame your messages to dry minimums with advanced linguistics to exhibit extraordinary confidence as the seller.

Place yourself in the shoes of your buyers when you write, and everything should work out great. Get inspired with these free, customizable email templates.

→ Pro Tip:
Some of the features below include a setting for a "sending delay."

The delay will keep your message from sending for a certain period after the message is "triggered" to send. Delays can help your automated messages feel more natural to the buyer as if a human replied instead of an automatic robot.

This effect works best when sending eBay messages.

2) Auto Messages

The Auto Messages tool sends automated eBay messages and emails to buyers. You may not need every proceeding example for your niche. Follow the options below to cater to the attitude of your buyers.

  • Send messages to your buyers on order events.

    • Thank buyers for placing an order,

    • let them know when their order ships,

    • and respond to feedback

    • When used wisely, this can be a powerful feature.

      • For example, some niches will send an eBay message thanking buyers for an order and a shipping confirmation email with a few promoted items.

      • Some sellers will only send cross-promoted items in an email as a "thank you" for good feedback. (this ensures the buyer is 100% satisfied and will not be bothered)

      • However, various retail stores that thrive on impulse buyers may send cross-promoted items at every opportunity they can.

  • Include promotional eBay links or coupon codes in your Auto Messages.

3) Helpdesk Message Templates

Message Templates are a feature used in the Helpdesk and Orders Manager that allows your team to save unlimited, dynamically personalized messages to insert into your replies to buyers.

  • Create message templates for standard replies, allowing for faster response time and less effort on your part. Anything that does work better will help you shine brighter to your customers.

  • Use templates as snippets to insert eBay coupons and other short promotional content to send to buyers.

  • If your niche allows, create a system of templates for your support team to use in different situations. Your teammates can then customize the template for the reply if needed.

    • Bringing consistency to a brand's interaction with customers may be necessary to some businesses.

4) Auto Responders

3Dsellers' Autoresponders can be a powerful helper in numerous eCommerce customer support situations.

  • Reply to buyers outside of your business hours, ensuring their messages are received.

  • Send an autoresponder if there is a delay in responding to customers.

Of course, feel free to include promotional material in fitting autoresponder messages. However, you might consider your primary goals to be:

  • Satisfy customers quickly

  • Avoid cases

  • Relieve your team of some work

All of these advantages lead to happier customers, better seller stats, and more time to focus on building repeat-buyer-relationships with your customers.

5) Shipping Tracker

Shipping Tracker is a great side-tool that prevents lost item cases and boosts overall service:

  • Inform buyers of particular live shipping updates from the carrier

  • Provide your team with instant insight on lost or damaged packages for better support

  • Passively cross-promote your listings in tracking links

Setting up Shipping Tracker can be a set-it-and-forget-it feature. Your order shipments are automatically tracked, buyers are automatically updated and nurtured for future sales.

6) Bulk Messaging

In the Orders Manager, you can filter and select multiple orders to send messages to buyers.

When doing this, you have the ability to use your message templates and snippets with promotions.

However, we recommend promoting this way tastefully. For example, it's probably not the best time to promote other items if sending a bulk message about a manufacturer's recall of an item.

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