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eBay Catalog: How to Automatically Fill eBay Item Data with 3Dsellers Selling Manager
eBay Catalog: How to Automatically Fill eBay Item Data with 3Dsellers Selling Manager

Fill required eBay item specifics automatically and gain buyer trust by publishing eBay listings that are linked to eBay Catalog data.

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Publish eBay listings faster, rank higher in Google Products and eBay searches, and sell more than ever before with enhanced buyer trust by syncing your eBay listings with eBay Catalog items!

Which listings can I sync with eBay Catalog?

eBay’s system determines which items are included in eBay Catalog. Over time, eBay will adopt specific, popular products to add to the eBay Catalog database.

Why should I use eBay Catalog Products?

eBay Catalog Products ensure eBay’s AI (Cassini) knows exactly which product you are selling. Normally, Cassini will need to guess what your item is to display it in search results. However, if you sync listings with eBay Catalog items, Cassini “rewards” you by promoting your listings more than without eBay Catalog.

Additionally, eBay Catalog’s system allows buyers to leave reviews that display on every product listing for the same item, no matter which seller has the item listed, boosting the listing’s performance.

Can I copy item details and specifics from eBay Catalog?

If eBay includes the item you are selling in eBay Catalog, you can copy all the details about the item and publish your listing in a fraction of the usual time.

Pro Tip: Studies show eBay Catalog-synced items with custom item specifics still yield significantly higher results in viewer count. And yes, 3Dsellers allows you to sync items without importing eBay's Item Specifics.

How to search eBay Catalog and sync items with 3Dsellers

When creating or editing an eBay listing,

  • Navigate to: Product Details → eBay Catalog and

  • click the Search eBay Catalog button

  • In the pop-up window, use the Search feature to search by title and item specifics.

  • Select the item you are selling and it will appear at the top of the window.

  • To automatically fill eBay Items Specifics and product details, enable the Prefill all item details option.

After applying and publishing the item, your listing will be assigned an “ePID” (eBay Catalog Product ID) to identify the item, boosting the listing’s favor with eBay.

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