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10 Ways to Optimize Listings for eBay & Google Search Rank | SEO
10 Ways to Optimize Listings for eBay & Google Search Rank | SEO

Improve sales performance with eBay product SEO techniques to increase search rank on eBay and Google's Index.

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Learn 10 beneficial ways to optimize your eBay listings for maximum search rank and sales performance.

Item Specifics, Title, and Description

The textual content and title of a web page are the core of what makes a page rank in search results.

For eBay listings, this content would be the Product Title, Item Specifics, and Description. Photos, SEO, listing template design, etc., should all be included and optimized, but the core of a listing is the text.

1. Include as many Item Specifics as possible

Item Specifics are officially designed to help a buyer know the details of the product. But they are also a tool for sellers.

By including a lot of Item Specifics, you'll make it more likely that the listing will match a buyer's search (and help you gain trust from the eBay Search algorithm, plus buyers in general).

  • Describe as many details about the product as possible using eBay Item Specifics

  • Create custom Item Specifics if eBay doesn't recommend the fields you need.

Add item specifics to eBay listing

Pro Tips:

2. Use Searched Item Specifics in the Title.

The goal of title optimization is to use words that a shopper will search for on Google or eBay. Searching commonly include specific details about the individual product.


  • Model Number

  • Style or Color

include item specifics in eBay listing title

Pro Tips:

  • 3Dsellers Title Builder helps create titles from keywords and other eBay listings.

  • Use Excel Workbook functions to help create titles based on item specifics in bulk.

  • Use ChatGPT to create titles from a list of Item Specific values.

3. Optimize the Description with Item Specifics

As explained previously the text included on a web page is the core of what a search engine will index, and the paragraphical text (description) is arguably the most important.

  • Write Item Specifics into sentences and paragraphs.

  • Include a list of the Item Specifics in the description

Pro Tips:

  • 3Dsellers Listing Designer can automatically display a list of Item Specifics in the description.

  • Use ChatGPT to incorporate a list of Item Specifics into an existing description.

  • Ensure the product description text is at least 500 words.

Can Google Crawl and Index eBay Description iFrames? [Technical Question]

  • According to, Google's John Mueller confirms, yes; iFrames are crawled and indexed by Google in a process known as "DOM Flattening."

eBay SEO Metadata

SEO Metadata is hidden code that describes the listing in more detail for search engines. In addition, you can use it to create a custom Mobile Description (the short-version description shown on the eBay App).

4. Meta Keywords, Description, and Mobile Description

Click the button below to learn eBay Metadata fields and how to write them:

Pro Tips:

  • Use 3Dsellers CSV Upload Template to edit eBay metadata SEO in bulk.

  • Create keyword lists by combining Item Specific values using an Excel Workbook and formulas.


Search engines love lots of high-resolution, yet fast-loading photos.

5. eBay Product Photos

  • For the listing's eBay Product Photo Gallery, upload the highest quality images possible. eBay will handle image optimization for fast load times.

  • Use a white background whenever possible (3Dsellers eBay Bulk Actions can remove backgrounds in bulk)

  • Check out this guide on creating amazing product photos.

6. Description Images

  • Include images in your description when possible. (3Dsellers Listing Designer can add product photo carousels)

  • Use a text editor to add Alternative Text to describe the image to search engines.

Sharing & Advertising

When other websites include a link to your eBay listing, it boosts your listing page's search rank. In the world of SEO, these links are known as "backlinks."

The search engine views the number of backlinks (and which websites they are on) to estimate popularity. So, it is important that links to your eBay listings and eBay Store are posted elsewhere online.

7. Social Media, Blogs, and Promotion Pages

  • Share and encourage others to share your eBay listings on social media.

  • Work with bloggers to write reviews of your store and feature your items (Note: eBay offers an affiliate program for bloggers)

  • Use 3Dsellers tools like the Webstore to gain extra backlinks on a standalone website.

8. eBay Ads & Google Shopping

  • Google Shopping will consider promoting your listings if the listings are optimized. The only actions you need to take to appear in Google Shopping results are making great listings and a have good-standing seller account.

  • Employing eBay Promoted Listings or eBay Advanced Ads may help show your listings to search engines as they crawl eBay's website.

9. End and Relist low-performing items

  • When you publish a new listing, it has a high-likely hood of being a top search result on eBay; labeled as "New Listing."

  • However, this is only temporary and you will lose any previous sales statics for the listing. So use this wisely when some listings just won't sell!

Pro Tip: Use 3Dsellers to save custom filters that target low-performing items. Then you can end and relist them in bulk.

Google Warning: Ending and relisting eBay items will remove the listing from Google Index. It may take several weeks for Google to index the new listing.

Customer Service, Feedback, and Seller Score

The higher your seller status and score, the more trusted you will be by search engines. The best-performing sellers will always have a better chance to outrank other eBay stores.

10. Automate customer service for better feedback

Below are the top 3Dsellers tools you can use to automate great customer service and build feedback and trust. These tools can also bring you repeat customers, which is a sure sign to eBay that your store is worth promoting.

  • Auto Messages - Send automatic eBay Messages when an item sells, is shipped, has delayed handling, feedback is received, an eBay case is opened, and more.

  • Shipping Tracker - Send buyers live shipping updates from the shipping carrier. This helps to prevent "Missing Item" cases and ensures good feedback. (Bonus: the tracking link cross-promotes your other eBay items)

  • Helpdesk Auto Responder - Automatically reply to buyer messages based on the item and even the buyer's message text.

  • Feedback Reminder - Send buyers who haven't left feedback a follow-up message to encourage leaving feedback.

  • Offers Manager - Automatically respond and bargain with buyers who send you an eBay Best offer.

Do eBay Product Reviews help SEO?

  • If your listing is connected to an eBay Catalog item, you'll be able to accept product reviews from buyers.

  • However, you will share reviews (on the product page) with other sellers.

  • There is no guarantee that eBay will recommend you as the seller for the buyer instead of your competition.


How long for eBay listings to index on Google?

  • Google may take a few weeks or more to index an eBay listing. (Google Shopping results are not affected.) Leave the listing active for as long as possible to help to increase the chance of Google indexing and showing it in search results.

  • However, keep in mind that Google may omit certain indexed items from top search results altogether. It is entirely dependent on how well-optimized your listings and eBay Store are.

How long for eBay Search to rank top page?

  • eBay's search system is proprietary, so there are no estimates or information regarding how long it takes for eBay to rank your item (or to know in which searches it will display).

  • We do know, however, like Google, it will customize search results for the shopper and consider not just your optimized content, but your overall seller performance that Google cannot see.

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