Why is eBay SEO (search engine optimization) important?

Search engine optimization increases a page's rank in search results. Each eBay listing is a page that search engines will index and consider showing in shopping results and normal search results.

eBay SEO starts with two tasks:

  • Write a description of 600-700 words.

  • Include words and phrases from your listing title multiple times throughout your description.

Additionally, there is another powerful element called metadata that will boost your listings' search rank even more.

Metadata is hidden code, verifying with search engines what the page is about. When metadata matches your description and title, your listing's rank is boosted.

Note: as it may take search engines a few days or even weeks to index your item, metadata is most commonly used for fixed-price items. Auctions do not stay online long enough to invest time in applying metadata.

How to write Meta Keywords

These are words and phrases that describe your item. A good way to think about this is, "if I were searching on Google for what I'm selling, what words would I type?"

Separate phrases with commas to let the search engine know it's a 'string' of words. Or for individual words, use a comma to separate them.

Best practice: only include top keywords that relate to your item.

For example:

power drill,driver,dewalt,20v max,DCD796B

How to write a Meta Description

Here's your chance to shine.

  • In search engine results, this is the text underneath the title. If you don't have this, the search engine will choose random text from your listing.

  • The description should also include words from your meta tags, and most importantly, main phrases or keywords from your item's title.

How to write Mobile Description

This is very important for appearing in mobile search results and changes the short description on mobile eBay and the eBay app.

  • eBay will attempt to provide you one automatically by displaying the first few words of your description.

  • It's best to customize this and write a short summary of your description. (something that can instantly provide the buyer with valuable info about the product).

  • Best Practice: include the same keywords you use in your title and description.

How to write Image Alt-Tags

These are used for read-aloud content for visually impaired users. However, they are also used as extra metadata to boost the page's search rank.

The alt-tags need to describe the image in detail, using as few words as possible.

Important notes:

  • Alt-tags can only be applied to images in the description of the listing. You cannot apply alt-tags to product images on eBay.

  • If you have featured products in your description, or other images that do not relate to the item you are selling, do not include alt-tags for these images. This can confuse search engines.


Metadata is very important for search engine optimization.

This is why we have developed the tools for you to add metadata to each of your listings, or in bulk.

Click here to learn how to use Listing Software to add SEO metadata to your eBay listings.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at [email protected]

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