Rank higher in search results and give your products a better chance at showing in Google Express Shopping results. Read more about SEO for eBay here.

The Listings Manager allows you to add SEO metadata to your listings individually or in bulk.

Option 1 - add SEO individually

  • a) Click the SEO button in the Actions column for the listing you want to edit.

  • b) A pop-up window will appear where you can add metadata and mobile descriptions

Note: only images in your description can have alt-tags. Product images on eBay do not allow alt tags)

Option 2 - Edit SEO tags in Bulk

  • a) Select the listings you'd like to edit

  • b) Click Bulk Actions

  • c) Select Edit SEO from the drop-down menu

  • In the pop-up, use the drop-down menus to choose how you want to add your SEO data.

  • Then, add meta keywords and descriptions.

After updating your listings, your descriptions will now include SEO metadata to increase your search rank.

Click here to learn more about metadata and how to use them to boost your items in search results.


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