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How to use SEO Mobile Description Templates
How to use SEO Mobile Description Templates

How to automatically apply SEO Mobile Descriptions to new listings and apply a Mobile Description template to your eBay listings in bulk.

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Customizing eBay Mobile Descriptions is a powerful way to optimize your eBay listings. If you are unfamiliar with Mobile Descriptions and the importance of eBay SEO, check out this quick article first: What is eBay SEO?

In this article:

Create a Mobile Description Template

On the Listings Manager's Settings page,

  • click the Settings tab,

  • and find SEO Mobile Description Template near the bottom of the page:

  • Type any text you want to use for your mobile description,

  • and use the dynamic field, {title} to insert the item title automatically:

Automatically apply the Mobile Description template to new listings

  • Enable the Apply to new listings automatically option to apply the template to every new listing.

Bulk-Apply the SEO Mobile Description Template to eBay Listings

  • Select a listing or multiple listings,

  • then choose SEO Edit from the Bulk Actions menu:

  • In the pop-up, under Mobile Description, choose the Use Template option:

  • Click Update, and in a few short minutes, eBay will update the mobile version of your listing with your template:

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