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eBay Promotions: Bulk Edit, Sort, plus FAQ
eBay Promotions: Bulk Edit, Sort, plus FAQ

Apply eBay Promotions on listings to get more visitors and boost sales!

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eBay Promotions are a great way of creating volumes of sales to maximize profits. If you have room in your profit margins for coupons and seasonal sales, eBay and 3Dsellers have you covered to boost your buyer count!

Pro Tip: Don't have enough room on prices for a discount? Bulk increase the price on your promoted items by a percent before applying the eBay Promotion Campaign!

In this article:

Use 3Dsellers to manage eBay Promotion rates and add listings to Campaigns

Set eBay Promotions for individual listings

  • While editing a listing, navigate to: Selling DetailseBay Details

  • Enable the Promoted listings option to adjust promoted item fees and set a campaign for the item.

Apply eBay Promotions to listings in bulk

  • Filter and select multiple listings.

  • Choose "Promote Listings" from the Bulk Actions menu.

Organize eBay Listings by Campaign

*After you apply a campaign to a listing with 3Dsellers, a new column will be available to sort by campaigns:

What are eBay Promotions?

eBay Promotions is a tried and true eBay sales strategy to get your items seen by more buyers.

eBay Promotions Standard will promote your items

  • across eBay's website,

  • in your competitors' listings,

  • eBay search results,

  • in Google Shopping search results,

  • and other select advertisement vehicles (at eBay's discretion.)

What are eBay Promotion Campaigns?

eBay Campaigns are a way to organize, track, and apply the same eBay Promotion discounts to multiple eBay listings.

The campaign itself acts like a group, also allowing you to view the performance of promotion discounts across similar listings.

Whether the listings have a similar profit margin, category, brand, etc. eBay Promotions save time and provide better analytics data than individual listing discounts.

How do eBay Promotions work?

If a buyer clicks on an eBay Promotions ad then purchases the item, eBay will receive a certain percentage of the final value of the sale.

How much is the eBay Promotions Fee?

When you enable eBay Promotions for a listing, you can choose a custom fee percentage that you are willing to pay.

Does eBay Promotions fee percent affect results?

The higher the fee percentage, the more eBay will promote the item.

How do I calculate my eBay Promotions fee?

This will depend on the profit margin of an item's sale. How much of your profit margin you are able to release for more sales volume?

Pro Tips:

  • Use Profit and Pricing Settings to include your Promotion Fee as Custom Fee for more accurate pricing.

  • You may consider adjusting an item's price to increase the promotions fee without lessening the profit margin (if the price change is acceptable.)

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