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Pricing Settings, what does this feature do?
Pricing Settings, what does this feature do?

Use Pricing Settings to calculate a selling price for your eBay listings, view profit per item, and get more accurate dashboard statistics.

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The Listings manager's Pricing Settings feature provides is the backbone to a few different features:

  • Calculate a perfect price for your listings:

  • View profit after setting a Wholesale price for your item:

  • Provide an accurate profit overview in your Dashboard (learn more)

  • Supplies the default settings for the Orders Manager's Profit feature.

How to use Pricing Settings

  • Modify the default payment processing and selling fee values if you need them.

  • Note: these are currently applied as the default to all listings.

  • If you have additional expenses that you incur, you can set these in the Custom Fees section.

  • Set your target profit margin with a fixed value, percentage, or both.

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