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The Orders Manager's Profit feature can help provide a general overview of your profit and loss.

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The Profit feature allows you a quick look into the profit for an order. The calculation values are static but can be customized per order.

Profit is also shown for listings in the Listings Manager. This value is based entirely on your Pricing Settings.

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Can Profit get actual fees? How to get actual eBay profit?

In the future, we will have a database of fees or live-connect to the selling channel's fees if possible.

In the meantime, if you need a more-exact look into your Profit and Loss, we recommend you

  • log the price you pay for each item as Wholesale Price.

  • then export an Orders CSV for the same time period as your eBay invoice.

This will give you data that you can use to calculate totals and averages in your business' Excel/ Sheets workbook.

Enabling the Profit column

  • To view the Profit feature, enable the Profit column in the Orders Manager:

How to change the default Profit settings

  • The Profit feature's default settings are your Pricing Settings in Listings Manager.

  • Edit the Pricing Settings to change Profit's default values.

Customize Profit settings for an individual order

  • Click the Profit button to display Pricing Settings.

  • Change any value to customize the Profit settings for the individual order.

Export Profit Settings

The Profit value can also be exported in a CSV with

  • the Orders Manager's Bulk Actions menu,

  • or Report Center.

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