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Viewing order details and managing columns
Viewing order details and managing columns

Quickly see buyer's address, username, order/transaction ID, shipping price, price paid, variation/SKU, order date, notes, quantity & more.

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Every order contains a lot of important information, so we've grouped all your order data into customizable columns to help you get the info you need as fast as possible.

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Managing Columns:

  • You can show/hide columns with the Columns menu on the top-right of the Orders table:

  • Shrink or expand the width of a column by hovering over a column's right border, then click+drag:

Availble Order Columns

Below, we've listed the current available columns with the data contained in each:

Item column:

  • Item Title, Item ID, and SKU.

  • Variation SKU and variation item specifics (if a variation is purchased)


  • Date and time the order was placed

Order Details:

  • Order ID and Transaction ID

  • Transaction & Shipping price

  • Payment Status

  • Return Status

  • Buyer Checkout Notes (if included)

Buyer Details:

  • Buyer's first & last name

  • The street address and locality

  • Buyer's eBay username (linked to their eBay profile)

Shipping Address

  • Displays the shipping address from eBay.


  • Internal Notes (for use with 3Dsellers.)

  • Notes can be exported with orders to a CSV with Report Center and Orders Bulk Actions.


  • The marketplace and account of where there sale was made


  • Internal Tags (for use with 3Dsellers.)

  • Order Tags can be exported with orders to a CSV with Report Center (or Orders β†’ Bulk Actions).

Listing Tags

  • Internal Tags set with the Listings Manager (for use with 3Dsellers.)

  • Order Tags can be exported with orders to a CSV with Report Center and Orders Bulk Actions.

Shipping Status

  • Displays the current shipping status from eBay (Unshipped/Shipped)

Ship by

  • The maximum date to ship the item according to the item (or your store's) shipping policy.

Shipping Date

  • Date the item was marked as shipped.

Est. Delivery Date

  • eBay's Estimated Delivery Date for the order (based on previous shipping time averages)


  • Calculate an order's profit based on Listing's Manager's pricing settings.

  • Profit settings can be customized per-order.

  • Profit values can be exported with Report Center and Orders Bulk Actions.


  • Displays if buyer or seller left feedback for the order.

  • Click the Feedback details to open a pop up to leave the buyer feedback and check feedback left from the buyer.

Record Number

  • The order's record number

Tax Ref

  • VAT and other Tax Refference Numbers

Order Details button

In the Actions column, the left button opens a pop-up window with all the information about the order.

The order details pop will display these advanced details about the order, along with quick action buttons:

  • Tracking details

  • Payment Status Summary

  • Items and quantity in the order

  • Buttons to view orders in Seller Hub,

  • or send the buyer a message.

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