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Overview of eBay Orders Manager & Features
Overview of eBay Orders Manager & Features

How 3Dsellers Orders Manager helps your business manage eBay transactions, shipping, and more.

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3Dsellers' Orders Manager is an extensive order-managing suite, built to keep your eBay business organized and order-processing flowing smoothly.

We've consolidated all the information you need in one place to easily process and update your orders.

With Orders, you can:

  • send messages,

  • download orders,

  • update tracking,

  • tag and filter orders,

  • perform bulk actions,

  • and more.

Features in this overview:

Order details and buyer notes/info

  • Easily see the transaction and buyer information you need for processing orders. Learn More

Search and filter orders

  • Quick-search with multiple value options and use filters to home-in on certain orders. Learn More

Send messages to buyers (& in bulk)

  • Send buyers a message regarding their orders without ever leaving the page. You can even select multiple orders and send bulk eBay messages to buyers. Learn More

Mark as shipped/ add tracking info (& in bulk)

  • Quickly mark individual and multiple orders as shipped, and even add tracking info in bulk with a CSV. Learn More

Internal Tags for search, organization, & notes

  • Set tags for your orders to keep track of custom values, mark important orders, and more. Then, you can use them in a filter to find orders with certain tags. Learn More

Internal order Notes for a smooth team workflow

  • Leave notes on orders to relay important info to yourself or your teammates. Learn More

Send and view Feedback

  • View and filter by if you have received or left eBay feedback for an order, and send feedback in just a couple of clicks. Learn More

Mark orders as paid & send invoices for unpaid orders

  • Easily mark orders as paid and send invoices to collect payments. Learn More

Get alerts for new orders

  • Send yourself and your team email alerts for new orders. Learn More

View Time to Ship based on handling time

  • Orders Manager includes a notification with each order to let you know how long you have to ship the order before your handling time expires. Learn More

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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