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Overview of eBay Orders Manager & Features
Overview of eBay Orders Manager & Features

How 3Dsellers Orders Manager helps your business manage eBay transactions, shipping, and more.

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3Dsellers' Orders Manager is an extensive order-managing suite, built to keep your eBay business organized and order-processing flowing smoothly.

We've consolidated all the information you need in one place to easily process and update your orders.

With Orders, you can:

  • send messages,

  • download orders,

  • update tracking,

  • tag and filter orders,

  • perform bulk actions,

  • and more.

Features in this overview:

Order details and buyer notes/info

  • Easily see the transaction and buyer information you need for processing orders. Learn More

Search and filter orders

  • Quick-search with multiple value options and use filters to home-in on certain orders. Learn More

Send messages to buyers (& in bulk)

  • Send buyers a message regarding their orders without ever leaving the page. You can even select multiple orders and send bulk eBay messages to buyers. Learn More

Mark as shipped/ add tracking info (& in bulk)

  • Quickly mark individual and multiple orders as shipped, and even add tracking info in bulk with a CSV. Learn More

Internal Tags for search, organization, & notes

  • Set tags for your orders to keep track of custom values, mark important orders, and more. Then, you can use them in a filter to find orders with certain tags. Learn More

Internal order Notes for a smooth team workflow

  • Leave notes on orders to relay important info to yourself or your teammates. Learn More

Send and view Feedback

  • View and filter by if you have received or left eBay feedback for an order, and send feedback in just a couple of clicks. Learn More

Mark orders as paid & send invoices for unpaid orders

  • Easily mark orders as paid and send invoices to collect payments. Learn More

Get alerts for new orders

  • Send yourself and your team email alerts for new orders. Learn More

View Time to Ship based on handling time

  • Orders Manager includes a notification with each order to let you know how long you have to ship the order before your handling time expires. Learn More

​If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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