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A quick overview of 3Dsellers eBay Offers Manager
A quick overview of 3Dsellers eBay Offers Manager

Boost sales & save time: automatically manage and bulk-send offers with 3Dsellers eBay Offers Manager.

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Why automate eBay offers?

Sending and managing eBay offers is a proven way to increase sales. However, managing offers on eBay can be very time-consuming. Depending on the number of listings, some sellers will hire teammates to only handle offers.
However, with Offers Manager, you can implement an offers-based sales strategy without hiring or spending any time at all.

What Offers Manager can do:

  • Automatically send, accept, and counter the offers buyers send you. Learn how

  • Set and send multiple offers at once, or send in bulk. Learn how

  • Easily manage and view eBay offers (Pending Seller Response
    Counter Offer, Decline, or Accept) from multiple accounts.

Quick Tour- What are Buyer initiated, Eligible items, and Sent Offers tabs?

Use the Offers Manager's main dashboard to view your eBay offer activity with three tabs to help you stay organized:

Eligible Items:

  • Any item that is eligible for sending offers will be displayed in this tab.

  • Here, you can send offers in bulk,

  • and use the filter/search bar to quickly find items.

Buyer Initiated:

Offers from buyers will appear here if:

  1. your items are listed with Best Offer enabled, and a buyer makes an offer,

  2. or, if a buyer counters an offer that you've sent them.

In the Actions column you can:

  • (A) accept the offer,

  • (B) decline the offer, or

  • (C) send a counter offer.

Sent Offers:

  • View all your manually sent, and automatically sent first-time offers:

How do I get Offers Manager?

You can add Offers to any subscription during checkout, or you can add Offers to an active subscription on your billing page. Need a trial or Offers Manager? Reach out to us at [email protected]

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