3Dsellers Offers Manager expedites your workflow to help you increase your sales with less effort.

  • Click the Eligible Items (?) tab:

Option 1 - Set individual offer discounts for each item

  • (A) Set an Offer Quantity for the promotional offer. (if the buyer accepts the offer, they must order the quantity you set)

  • (B) Set a Discount Price by setting a percentage discount, or a specific amount.

  • (C) After setting offer settings for the items you want to send for, click the Send Offers button near the bottom of your screen

Option 2 - Send offers in bulk with the same offer settings

  • (A) Use the checkboxes on the left of each item to select the listings you want to send offers for. (Use the checkbox in the column header to select all listings)

  • (B) Set the discount price by choosing a percentage Value.

  • (C) Choose a Quantity. (the buyer must purchase this amount to accept the offer)

  • (D) If you'd like, you can change the default message that is sent with your offers.

  • (E) Click the Confirm button to send your offers.

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