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How to send Bulk Offers to eBay Buyers
How to send Bulk Offers to eBay Buyers

Set offers individually and send them all at once. OR select items and send bulk offers in a few clicks

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3Dsellers Offers Manager expedites your workflow to help you increase your sales with less effort.

  • Click the Eligible Items (?) tab:

Option 1 - Set individual offer discounts for each item

  • (A) Set an Offer Quantity for the promotional offer. (if the buyer accepts the offer, they must order the quantity you set)

  • (B) Set a Discount Price by setting a percentage discount, or a specific amount.

  • (C) After setting offer settings for the items you want to send for, click the Send Offers button near the bottom of your screen

Option 2 - Send offers in bulk with the same offer settings

  • (A) Use the checkboxes on the left of each item to select the listings you want to send offers for. (Use the checkbox in the column header to select all listings)

  • (B) Set the discount price by choosing a percentage Value.

  • (C) Choose a Quantity. (the buyer must purchase this amount to accept the offer)

  • (D) If you'd like, you can change the default message that is sent with your offers.

  • (E) Click the Confirm button to send your offers.

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