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Volume Pricing and Multi-Buy deals for eBay Listings
Volume Pricing and Multi-Buy deals for eBay Listings

eBay Store Subscribers: Sell more items with bulk sales discounts for your eBay listings

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Accounts with an eBay Store Subscription can offer eBay buyers a multi-buy discount if they purchase multiple quantities of the same item at once.

You may recognize this feature as Multi-buy in the UK, and Volume Pricing in the US and other marketplaces.

Important note: eBay's API may take up to 15 minutes to register volume pricing changes made with 3Dsellers. Please allow some time for multi-buy discounts to appear on live eBay listings.

Edit bulk discounts in the listing editor

  • When editing a listing, navigate to Selling Details

  • Enable the Volume Pricing option near the bottom of the page

  • Then, add and manage discounts based on the quantity purchased

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