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How to list products on other eBay country/marketplace sites
How to list products on other eBay country/marketplace sites

Want to list your items on - and or others? No problem.

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With the Listings Manager, you can expand your business's market and reach buyers across the world by publishing your listings to different eBay country websites.

While eBay may automatically display on other country sites, this ensures your listing is officially published on other eBay sites, dramatically increasing your items' search rank

There are two ways to list on other eBay sites with 3Dsellers:

Option 1 - Stay organized with a new 3Dsellers marketplace account

A 3Dsellers marketplace account will use your current eBay account to create a new 3Dsellers/eBay workspace for the country you choose. (the platform creates a "new eBay account" in your list of accounts)

The new marketplace account's settings will default to the selected country and new listings will be kept separate from your original eBay account site.

If you already have a separate marketplace account, skip step 1.

Step 1 - Create a new marketplace account

Step 2 - Copy current listings or publish new

  • To copy current listings from one marketplace to another, the process is the same as copying listings between eBay accounts.

  • Alternatively, you can create new listings on your other marketplace account.

Option 2 - List directly to the eBay Site

You can also use your current marketplace to publish new listings on any other marketplace.

Note: you cannot change the eBay Site and currency of a live listing. You will need to duplicate the listing (sell similar) and change the eBay Site.

  • While editing a listing, under Product Details -> General settings, you can set a custom eBay site and currency:

  • Or, when bulk-publishing from Drafts with the List to eBay button, you can choose your eBay site in the pop-up.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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