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eBay Motors: Edit, Create, & Copy Car Part Compatibility Lists
eBay Motors: Edit, Create, & Copy Car Part Compatibility Lists

Use 3Dsellers’ eBay Listings Manager to copy car compatible lists and vehicle fitments from other sellers and other eBay listings.

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Manage and Copy eBay Motors Car Compatibility and Vehicle Fitments with 3Dsellers Listings Manager

Extend your abilities beyond eBay Seller Hub and create an efficient eBay Motors workflow for your team. Add and remove vehicles from car compatibility lists and copy eBay Motors compatibility lists from other eBay items (and your competition)!

Bonus: we included automatic duplicate-vehicle prevention!

In this article:

  • Enable eBay Motors

  • Edit eBay Car Compatibility List

  • Copy other eBay Compatibility Lists

Enable Motors Marketplace

To stay organized (particularly for eBay Motors-only sellers,) you may consider ensuring your 3Dsellers eBay marketplace is set to eBay Motors. This will make eBay Motors settings default (or separate from non-motors listings) for all tool features.

When editing an item with the Listings Manager:

  • Select an eBay Motors Category:

  • Navigate to Product DetailsGeneral Settings :

  • If you will not be using a separate eBay Motors Marketplace, set the item’s eBay Site to eBay Motors:

How to Edit eBay Motors Compatibility and Vehicle Fitments

  • Click the now-visible Add Vehicles button:

In the pop-up window, you can add and remove car models from your eBay compatibility list in a similar manner as eBay.

  • Start by selecting the Year, Make, Model(s)

  • Click the Add Compatibility button to add the selected vehicles to your list (includes duplicate protection)

  • Your eBay compatibility list also includes the ability to:

    • Search and filter car models,

    • delete vehicles from the list,

    • and revert changes to start a new list.

How to Copy eBay Motors Compatibility Lists from Other eBay Listings

To copy the car compatibility list on any eBay Motors listing (including your own items or competitors’ listings):

  • Paste the Item ID into the Copy Data field

  • The Copy button will add the eBay listing’s vehicles to your compatibility list.

  • The Copy and Replace button will delete your current list before adding the eBay listing’s vehicles.

  • Each option will automatically remove duplicate car models, including if the competitor listing contains duplicate vehicles.

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