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Business Policies: How to change Shipping and Return settings for eBay listings
Business Policies: How to change Shipping and Return settings for eBay listings

Apply and edit eBay Business Policies to manage items' return and shipping settings, keeping your bulk eBay listing management organized.

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3Dsellers eBay Business Policies Management Updated 2022

How do I change the Shipping and Return settings for an item?

eBay Shipping and Return settings on 3Dsellers can be managed with eBay Business Policies.

What are eBay Business Policies?

  • Business policies are used to set the same shipping, return, or payment details for multiple eBay listings.

How to manage eBay Business Policies on 3Dsellers:

  • Manage and create business policies for each of your eBay accounts with 3Dsellers' Business Policies manager.

  • Edit or create a new business policy:

How to copy eBay Business Policies to other eBay accounts?

  • Select the polices to transfer to the other eBay account with the checkboxes on the left of each policy.

  • Choose Copy Policies from the Bulk Actions menu to select the other eBay account.

How do I apply eBay Business Policies to listings with 3Dsellers?

There are three ways to apply business policies to your eBay listings and 3Dsellers Drafts.

Edit individual listing policies:

  • When editing a listing, navigate to → Policies

Revise multiple eBay listing policies at once

  • Selecting multiple eBay listings,

  • then choose the Set Policies Bulk Actions menu's option.

Pro Tip: Create and save filter combinations for fast bulk edits of certain types of eBay listings.

Customize policies during bulk publish to eBay

  • Before publishing eBay items in bulk, you will be given options to customize or apply particular policies to the listings:

Can I edit shipping and return settings for one listing?

This is possible on eBay, but for now, 3Dsellers only supports eBay business policies.

Why do I see so many policies on my eBay account?

If an individual shipping or return setting is entered into a single eBay listing, eBay will automatically create a new business policy. (Even if you do not opt into eBay's business policies)

If you need to organize and remove extra business policies, 3Dsellers' Business Policies manager can help!

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