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What does "Bundles & Kits" do?

"Bundles & Kits" combines the quantity of different eBay listings to sell as one listing.

When the "Bundle (Kit)" sells, the inventories of the other listings are adjusted automatically.

Here is a quick example:

The "Bundle" (Cat Toy Kit) is a combination of these listings:

  • 2x (Plastic Ball)

  • & 1x (Stuffed Mouse)

Situation 1:

  • When (Cat Toy Kit) is sold:

  • (Plastic Ball) quantity will deplete by 2

  • & (Stuffed Mouse) quantity will deplete by 1.

Situation 2:

  • If (Plastic Ball) or (Stuffed Mouse) quantity is too low:

  • (Cat Toy Kit) will be set as out of stock.

Combine eBay listings that you already have into one kit or a bundle listing

In our example, we have three different items [blue] to combine into a Bundle [red]

How 3Dsellers eBay Bundles & Kits feature works:

When one of the items in the bundle sells, or the Bundle itself sells, 3Dsellers will automatically update the inventories between all of the items.

Create Bundle Listings with SKUs:

SKUs can be used to sync inventories across listings and eBay accounts. To make a bundle listing, gather these SKUs:

  • SKUs of individual items included in the bundle, and

  • the SKU of an item you want to use as the bundle listing

  • Then, navigate to Inventory ManagementSKU Bundles and Kits.

  • Click Create Bundle, and select Add Manually.

  • In the pop-up, select the stores where the SKUs are located.

  • Paste the main bundle listings' SKU

  • Press Add SKU

  • Then, add the individual item SKUs (subitems of the Bundle SKU)

eBay Bundle Inventory Settings:

Choose how many of each listing are included in the eBay Kit/Bundle + hide the actual inventory.

  • In this particular bundle, the second item gets included twice (2).

    Each time the bundle sells, it will also "sell" two of this second item.

  • The Warehouse value is the actual value you have in stock

  • Where the Quantity (Display Quantity) is the quantity that you want eBay to show on the listing.

    This is also how you get the red: "almost gone" text in a search result. Your quantity here will be restocked from the Warehouse value after each sale.

  • Choose a custom quantity on eBay for the bundle listing.
    Let's put three so it seems like we are almost out of stock.

  • The Bundle's Warehouse value is a calculation of the quantities that are included in the bundle.
    With this inventory, the bundle can only sell a maximum of 142 times.

After saving, you can enable or disable the sync status (so your inventories will be automatically managed by the bundles and kits feature) and make any adjustments that you need.

Import eBay Bundles with CSV

Importing Bundles requires the same CSV format as importing variation listings.


  • SKU: SKU of each listing

  • Parent SKU: SKU of the main bundle listing.

  • BundleQuantity: Quantity of each item included in the bundle listing.

  • Quantity: Custom quantity that eBay will display.

  • WarehouseQuantity: Actual inventory for each sub item.

  • InventoryControl: Set to TRUE to enable automated bundle inventory.


Parent SKU























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