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What is Inventory Control? (How it works and what to do if it doesn't)
What is Inventory Control? (How it works and what to do if it doesn't)

Inventory Control restocks a listing's eBay Quantity from your Warehouse Inventory. Learn best practices and pro tips.

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What does Inventory Control do?

  • Hide your real inventory.

  • Display a custom quantity on eBay.

How does Inventory Control Work?

After a sale, Inventory Control restocks your eBay quantity.


  • A listing's Inventory Control Quantity is set to 3 and the Warehouse is 20.

  • 1 is sold, leaving 2 on eBay.

  • Inventory Control re-stocks the live quantity back to 3, leaving 19 in the listing's Warehouse.

Fields in screenshots:

  • The Displayed Quantity verifies the stock on eBay.

  • Inventory Control Quantity controls the channel's live quantity.

  • The Warehouse is the actual inventory you have.

  • If you sync listings with Inventory Control turned OFF,
    the Inventory Control Quantity will equal the Displayed Quantity.

Pro Tip:

  1. Set the quantity high enough so you don't sell out in a single order.

    • Why? If the listing sells out of stock, eBay doesn't send the Order Notification; so the quantity won't be updated.

  2. Don't use Inventory Control at the same time as Bundles or Multichannel Inventory Sync features.

Does Inventory Control update live (with new orders)?

The order data that triggers inventory automation is not technically live. Instead, the system relies on eBay's Order Notification system.

How it works:

  • eBay sends your 3Dsellers account an Order Notification.

  • When the Order Notification is received, the quantity is restocked from the listing's Warehouse value.

  • This process typically takes a couple of seconds, up to 30 seconds.

What if Inventory Control is not updating the quantity after an order?

  • Check if the listing is sold out of stock. If it sold out, you'll restock it manually.

  • Disable Bundles or Multichannel Inventory Sync rules for the item.

  • Search the Order ID on the Inventory Overview page. Look for any errors from eBay.

Pro Tip:

  • Enable Inventory Control Alerts to be notified if there is an error. Navigate to: Listings Manager → Settings → Alerts

How to update Inventory Control

Individual Listings:

  • If the Inventory Control column is not visible, enable it with the hide/show menu:

  • Use the Inventory Control slider-buttons to enable or disable Inventory Control:

Multiple listings:

  • Using the checkboxes, select multiple listings.

  • Select Quick Edit from the Bulk Actions menu.

  • In the pop-up, select Inventory Control and enable or disable:

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