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Update Values - eBay CSV - Edit Price & Inventory
Update Values - eBay CSV - Edit Price & Inventory

Bulk update Quantity, Warehouse Inventory, Price, and Wholesale Price with a CSV.

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Use Update Values to edit:

CSV Format to update eBay values

  • Create a CSV with

    • SKUs (or Item IDs)

    • And a corresponding value:







  • Variations must use an SKU to edit via CSV.

  • Only use Item IDs for non-variation listings.

  • The price field can't contain comma.

Step 2 - Upload your CSV

  • Navigate to: ProductsListings ManagerCSV Import

  • Click the Update Values button and upload your CSV.

  • Select (& save) mapping presets

  • Warehouse Inventory editing provides options to control the Display Quantity if restocked or set out-of-stock:

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