What does Inventory Control do?

  • Found in the Listings Manager, Inventory Control allows you to hide your real inventory and display a custom quantity on eBay. It will restock your eBay Quantity from your Warehouse Inventory each time an item sells.


  • An item's eBay Quantity is set to "3," and the Warehouse, "20".

  • A buyer purchases two of these items in the same order.

  • Inventory Control will re-stock the eBay quantity back to "3," leaving "18" in your Warehouse.

How to update Inventory Control for one listing:

  • If the Inventory Control column is not visible, enable it with the hide/show menu:

  • Use the Inventory Control slider-buttons to enable or disable Inventory Control:

Update Inventory Control for multiple listings:

  • Using the checkboxes, select multiple listings.

  • Select Quick Edit from the Bulk Actions menu.

  • In the pop-up, select Inventory Control and enable or disable:

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