What does Inventory Control do?

  • Inventory Control allows you to hide your real inventory and display a custom quantity on eBay.

  • If enabled, it will restock your eBay Quantity from your Warehouse Inventory each time an item sells.


  • An item's eBay Quantity is set to "3," and the Warehouse, "20".

  • A buyer purchases two of these items in the same order.

  • Inventory Control will re-stock the eBay quantity back to "3," leaving "18" in your Warehouse.

Inventory not updating for an order?

  • Sometimes, eBay will not allow the system to update the item.

  • You can view the error for the order on the Inventor Overview page.

  • Most often, eBay wants other item details changed first before updating the quantity.

Pro Tip: Enable Inventory Control alerts to be notified if there is an error. Navigate to Listings Manager β†’ Settings β†’ Alerts and enable the option in the screenshot below.

How to update Inventory Control for one listing:

  • If the Inventory Control column is not visible, enable it with the hide/show menu:

  • Use the Inventory Control slider-buttons to enable or disable Inventory Control:

Update Inventory Control for multiple listings:

  • Using the checkboxes, select multiple listings.

  • Select Quick Edit from the Bulk Actions menu.

  • In the pop-up, select Inventory Control and enable or disable:

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