What is the Wholesale value?

  • Wholesale Price the price you pay for the item you are selling.

What does it do?

  • You can export Wholesale Price with Report Center to create CSVs for analyzing your profit/loss.

  • Wholesale Price is used with Pricing Settings to calculate a recommended cost and profit. Click here to learn more about Pricing Settings.

  • Your dashboard sales statistics will use Pricing Settings and the Wholesale price of each item sold to calculate profit.

How do I update Wholesale prices on my listings?

There are several locations and options to update the wholesale price of a listing.

Option 1 - While editing a listing

  • Under Selling Details > Supplier Details, you will see a field to set the Wholesale price of the item:

Option 2 - Edit in your listings table

  • With the Listings manager, enable the Wholesale column with the view button to view and edit the Wholesale prices for items

Option 3 - In Bulk with a CSV file

  • In the Listings manager's Upload CSV tab,

  • Click the "Update Existing Values" button and choose Wholesale price in Step 2 of the CSV pop-up.

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