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Update Listings - eBay CSV - Edit Any eBay Listing Detail
Update Listings - eBay CSV - Edit Any eBay Listing Detail

Upload a CSV to bulk edit anything: eBay prices, titles, descriptions, categories, item specifics, SEO, and more.

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How to update multiple eBay listing details in bulk with a CSV file

This feature allows editing almost any field included in the Import CSV feature.

  • Product images & SKUs are not editable at this time.

  • With Update Listings, Variation and Fixed Price listings must be edited separately. Use Update Values to edit pricing and inventory for both listing types.

Pro Tip: Back up your listings:

  • Navigate to Insights → Report CenterCustom Report

  • Set Listings - from eBay as the Report Type

  • Include all available fields in the report.

This ensures that any unwanted changes are reversible by uploading the backup CSV.

Step 1 - Create a CSV

  1. Include a column to identify the listing (SKU or Item ID)

  2. Add columns of data to edit using 3Dsellers Import CSV format.

    • (blank cells are ignored)










For variations: use the Import CSV variation format.

Step 2 - Upload eBay CSV to bulk edit listings

  • Navigate to: ProductsListings ManagerCSV Import

  • Click the Update Listings button and upload your CSV.

  • Ensure SKU/ItemID and Column header mapping are correct.

    • Fallback: Set a value if the field is blank or override "don't import" and apply the value to all listings.

  • If updating variations, enable Update Variations by SKU and map the Parent SKU column if needed.

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