eBay CSV - Update or Add Product Photos

Add or replace images on eBay listings with a CSV file and 3Dsellers eBay software

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Replace or add images to listings in bulk with a CSV file and 3Dsellers' Update Listings feature:

Important: eBay will replace all listing photos with the images you upload.

If you want to add or replace specific photos, you will need a CSV of your SKUs (or Item IDs) and all the current images.

  • Navigate to: Insights > Report Center > Custom Report

  • Choose the following settings:

Replace the image URLs with the images you want to update:

  • Upload the CSV to 3Dsellers' Update Listings feature.

  • eBay's column headers will automatically map to ours.

Pro Tip: If you want to ensure the images are mapped correctly, format the column headers in your CSV to match our format: Image 1, Image 2, and so on until Image 24.

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