Need to bulk import and publish eBay items? Use the CSV import page in the eBay Listings Manager to import and bulk-publish eBay listings.

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Download a sample CSV

Before we start, we recommend

  • downloading our sample CSV

  • and referencing our list of CSV fields to find acceptable values.

This will ensure a smooth upload and publishing process for you and your team.

Exploring the CSV format

Your sample CSV includes 8 rows. If publishing to the US eBay site, the listings are ready to publish.

  • Row 1 contains all of your CSV fields (column headers):

  • Row 2 is an Auction listing:

  • Row 3 is a Fixed-Price listing:

  • and Rows 4-8 are a fixed-price listing with variations:

Note: The Variation listing format is not covered in this article. Click here for more details and an example.


As a first step, practice inputting item data for a fixed-price listing or auction.

  • Choose which listing type you want to import and delete the remaining rows:

  • Then replace our sample data with the details of one of your items.

Pro Tip: As you replace our data with your own, use the list of CSV fields to reference the correct values.

Formatting tips:

Before saving, verify that

  1. each listing and/or variation has a unique SKU,

  2. your CSV is

Pro tip: Your column headers do not need to match ours. (see step 2)

Step 1 - Upload your CSV

In the Upload CSV tab,

  • Click the Import button:

  • In the pop-up, click the "Choose a CSV.." button and select your file.

Q: What does the Find Category button do?

  • A: Use the Find Category IDs button to retrieve eBay category IDs for your CSV. Learn More

Step 2 - Map Your CSV

Verify that our import fields match your CSV's column headers.

  • (A) If your column headers are not the same as our Import Fields, choose the column header in your CSV (Product Attribute) containing the relevant data.

  • (B) If any data is missing for your listings, you can set a fallback value for all items without data.

Pro tip: You can set the same Product Attribute for all listings in your CSV (without including it in your CSV).

How? Select the Don't Import button for the attribute, and the Fallback will be applied to all listings.

Step 3: Import & Publish

After clicking Start Import, your items will begin importing into your 3Dsellers Drafts.

Note: Depending on the number of items, description lengths, photos, who hosts the photos, etc, it may take time for our system to completely process the CSV. We recommend proceeding to another task and checking again after a few minutes have passed.

  • When your items have imported, visit your 3Dsellers Drafts.

  • Make any changes to your items if needed,
    Pro Tip: You can bulk-edit Drafts with the Bulk Actions menu.

  • then, select all of your imported items and click the List to eBay button:

In the preceding pop-up,

  • select your eBay Business Policies

  • and set your preferences for your items:

After clicking Apply to eBay, your items will be published to your eBay account.

Troubleshooting Errors

If eBay does not accept some of the data or settings in your Drafts/CSV, a notification will be displayed above your listings. Click the View Errors button to view the errors that eBay sent to you.

Note: Many errors can be solved with the articles in this help section, or by reviewing eBay's accepted data inputs here.

It may help to edit the Draft in question and locate the specific setting that eBay has an issue with.

And of course, if you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to us; our team is here for you!

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