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How to convert semicolon-delimited CSV files to commas for import
How to convert semicolon-delimited CSV files to commas for import

Our import feature can quickly import CSVs using commas, If your supplier's CSV used semicolons; please read to learn how to convert!

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Our CSV import feature currently only accepts comma-delimited CSVs. Depending on your supplier, or the PC that created the CSV, the delimiter may be set to a semi-colon.

How to check if your CSV is Semi-Colon delimited:

  • Right-click your CSV file

  • Select "open with"

  • and choose your computer's plain text editor (Windows: NotePad - Mac: TextEdit)

If the CSV is a semi-colon delimited file, you will see semi-colons instead of commas:

How to convert Semi-Colon delimited to Comma-delimited:

Before continuing:

  • Make sure your computer is set to use comma delimiters. See this guide for information on how to enable comma delimiters for CSV files. If you have to change any of your settings, please restart your machine.

Step 1 - Open the CSV in Notepad 

  • Right-click on your CSV and open it with your computer's basic text editor

Step 2 - Add the magic line

  • At the very beginning of your document, make a new line with Enter/return key.

  • Add the text below to the new line you created and save


Step 3 - Open with Excel and save as CSV

  • After opening with Excel, choose File, Save As and select CSV (comma delimited)

If we open the new CSV in Notepad, we see the semicolons are now commas. You can now successfully upload your CSV to 3Dsellers.

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