How do Scheduled CSVs work?

The Schedule CSV feature updates eBay listings automatically with data from a URL that links to a CSV file. 3Dsellers uses the current data from the URL to update your eBay listings on a custom schedule.


Choose Update Listings from the CSV Import page.

Step 2

  • Click Upload Via URL.

  • Paste the link in the pop up.

  • Click Get File.

Step 3

Follow the steps in our Update Listings eBay CSV article to map your CSV.

Step 4

In the Mapping section, select the Schedule Upload button.

  • Name the Scheduled CSV.

  • Select a date to start.

  • And select a Frequency (how often the CSV should run).

After pressing the Schedule button, your new Schedule rule will be listed in the Scheduled tab. You can disable, edit the Schedule settings, or delete the rule.

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