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How to stop Excel from auto-formatting numbers in a CSV
How to stop Excel from auto-formatting numbers in a CSV

Learn how to fix this manually when opening a CSV, or see how to import the CSV into a workbook to correct the formatting automatically.

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When opening a CSV in MS Excel, the software may auto-format long numbers and certain values. This corrupts the data and the value cannot be used for import or updating listings.

Option 1 - Highlight everything and re-format

This option does not prevent the formatting but needs to be done each time a CSV is opened in Excel.

  1. Click the top-left corner of your worksheet to highlight all of the cells.

  2. In the Home Menu, click the Number (formatting) menu.

  • Select Number from the drop-down menu:

  • Click the Decrease Decimal button:
    โ€‹(located under the number formatting menu on the right-side)

Option 2 - Import the CSV into your Workbook

This method is perfect for sellers who keep workbooks for analysis and inventory purposes as it will import the CSV into a workbook instead of opening the file outright.

  • Open a workbook, or create a new Excel workbook.

  • Click the Data tab, and select From Text/CSV

  • In the pop-up, select None for File Origin

  • Click the Load button

  • Note: if you opening a CSV from 3Dsellers, make sure the Delimiter is set to Comma

  • While you may still need to re-format fields such as Item IDs, the data will no longer be corrupt:

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