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eBay CSV - Description HTML & Special Characters
eBay CSV - Description HTML & Special Characters

Learn how to format description text in a CSV with HTML for eBay + HTML editors, basic HTML, and including special characters + images

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How to format description text for eBay CSV

To format description text (line breaks, bold or italics, font & text color), you'll include HTML code in your eBay Import CSV.




<p>The <strong>best</strong> description I&apos;ll write today</p>


One line of text<br>Another line of text

Important: Avoid using HTML code from Microsoft Word and other

desktop apps. The app may apply fixed-width to some of the code, causing display issues on eBay and with 3Dsellers Listing Designer.

Writing Basic HTML

If you are typing simple descriptions in the spreadsheet, it may save time to type the HTML yourself.

See the HTML editors section in this article for automatic formatting.


<p>One block of text with automatic top and bottom margins</p>

<p>Second block of text<p>

Line Break (works in paragraphs)

One line<br>Second line


The <strong>best</strong> listing ever.


The best listing <i>ever</i>.

Centered text (include the "style" attribute in any HTML tag)

<p style="align-text: center;">Exciting Centered Text</p>


<h2>Second-level heading</h2>

<p>Some text</p>

<h3>Third-level heading</h3>

<p>Some more text</p>

Header SEO Best Practice:

  • Don't use H1 tags. eBay already includes your title as H1.

  • Always use search keywords in headers.

  • Only use headers to separate sections of text. Do not use for styling.

  • Don't exceed past h3 for product descriptions unless technical specifications require it.

Bullet Point Lists (unordered lists)


<li>First detail</li>

<li>Second detail</li>

<li>Another detail</li>



<img src="">

Make image responsive on mobile:

  • Set the style attribute to "height:auto;width:100%"

<img style="height:auto;width:100%" src="URL_TO_PHOTO">

How to use special characters in eBay Description HTML

It is safest to always use HTML symbol code for special characters. (Specifically for charachters that can be used in HTML code, such as apostrophes, ampersands, and quotations).

Apostrophes ( ' ):


Ampersands ( & ):


Quotes ( " ):


Full List of HTML Symbol Codes:

Pro Tip: Already have HTML with special characters in a spreadsheet?

Use Excel or Google Sheets' "Find and Replace" feature to quickly replace the special characters.

Pro Tip: Using Commas, in a comma-delimited CSV

  • Commas can be accepted without a symbol code if the cell is wrapped in quotes.

  • If you save the file as a plain CSV with Excel or Google Sheets, the app will wrap the description HTML in quotations automatically.

How to write description HTML code quickly?

Below are two common online methods for creating eBay description code.

Listing Designer Warning

If you are editing an exported CSV and the description includes Listing Designer template code, do not use these online editors. The template code will break. Instead use a code editor such as Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code.

Option 1 - 3Dsellers

  • Create a new listing on 3Dsellers to use only the Description Editor.

  • Open Code View to copy the HTML code.

Option 2 - Free Online WYSIWYG Editor Tool

These online (What You See Is What You Get) editors translate special characters to HTML symbol code.

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