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How to remove third-party eBay design templates in bulk (non-3Dsellers)
How to remove third-party eBay design templates in bulk (non-3Dsellers)

To prevent design errors, remove previous eBay templates before using 3Dsellers' Listing Designer. Alternatively, phase them out.

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Before applying 3Dsellers listing design templates to a listing, we strongly recommend removing any other design from the item to prevent error.

A few options to remove third-party templates:

Contact the template provider

Many design template providers can remove the templates for you. Try contacting their support team and ask them to remove their designs from your listings.

Remove the template code manually

If your team is familiar with HTML, use our description editors' code view to remove the design's HTML code.

Click here to see the process step by step with screenshots. You can edit the listings with with the Listings Manager, or navigate to Listing Designer → Listings to edit the descriptions in the Actions column.

Pro Tip: Fast-edit descriptions by navigating to Listing Designer → Listings and use the Edit Description buttons in the Actions column.

Leave the old design templates and phase them out

If you are unable to remove the template efficiently, you can use 3Dsellers tags, filters, and automation to set up a quick system to phase them out over time.

To do this, use 3Dsellers Listing Designer to

  1. Add tags to listings that use the old design.

  2. Apply a filter to exclude these listings.

  3. Select all listings and apply your 3Dsellers design.

  4. The, use Rules to automatically apply the new template to new listings.

Remove template HTML code in bulk with CSVs and Regex

[3Dsellers Find and Replace can remove one-line HTML with Regex]—but, most template HTML code will require Google Sheets or similar spreadsheet apps.

Pro Tip: If unfamiliar with Google Sheets and HTML comments, you may consider adding a freelancer as a teammate for assistance.

Step 1: Download a CSV of Item IDs and descriptions.

  • Navigate to: Insights → Report Center → Custom Report

  • Choose "Listings from eBay" as the Report Type.

  • Add fields: Item ID + Description

  • Generate and download

Step 2: Find the template's "description detonations." (beginning-and-end comments)

  • Open the CSV and view a description.

  • The denotations are HTML comments placed at the beginning and end of the item description text:

Step 3: Use Google Sheets Find and Replace to delete the template code with Regex.

  • Copy the Regex pattern below.

  • Replace the HTML comments with the template's.

  • Pattern modification may be required for some characters. Test your pattern.

  • Open the CSV from Report Center with Google Sheets.

  • Click CTRL + F

    • then click the vertical 3-dot menu (right-side of the search bar)

  • Paste the pattern into the Find field and enable "search using regular expressions"

  • Click the Replace All button.

  • Then download the file as a CSV

  • If any errors occur in the description HTML code, re-upload the original CSV you downloaded to revert your descriptions before troubleshooting the issue.

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