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How to use other eBay Design Templates (InkFrog & Crazylister) with 3Dsellers
How to use other eBay Design Templates (InkFrog & Crazylister) with 3Dsellers

Once you get the code for your template, replace the {placeholders} with 3Dsellers placeholders. +how to update current listing designs.

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If non-privy to HTML code, a freelancer on may save time (and cost) formatting the template code.

3Dsellers HTML Template Placeholders

The following are 3Dsellers' 'dynamic fields' (a.k.a., "Placeholders"). They will insert parts of the eBay listing into the template.


  • {title}

  • {description}


  • {image[0]} β€” Primary Photo URL

  • {image[1]} through {image[23]} β€” Other product photo URLs

Item Specifics

  • {itemspecific[0].key} β€” Item Specific Label (e.g. "Brand")

  • {itemspecific[0].value} β€” Item Specific value (e.g. "Unbranded")

The .key and .value placeholders display item specifics according to eBay's default sort order, starting with "required" item specifics, then to "suggested" item specifics, progressing to [1].key to [2].key to [3].key, and so on.

  • {itemspecific[Brand]} - Show only the value of a certain item specific. Replace "Brand" with an existing item specific key (case sensitive).

How does the template apply to the description?

The {description} placeholder tells the system where to insert the current description content.

Or, in other words, the template wraps around the current description where you include {description}.

Pro Tip: 3Dsellers cannot see the original template from other software on your listings. Please remove the template or phase out listings that already have a design applied. Otherwise, 3Dsellers template will wrap around the current design.

Replace current placeholders

Template providers such as InkFrog and Crazylister will use their own versions of placeholders in the template code. Find each of the placeholders and replace them with the matching 3Dsellers placeholder.

Import the template into 3Dsellers

Copy/paste the code into 3Dsellers using the Custom Template option in Listing Designer. You will be provided a preview of the design in case any further changes are needed.

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