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Listing Designer Isn't Removing the Template? - Is Duplicated/Looks Weird?
Listing Designer Isn't Removing the Template? - Is Duplicated/Looks Weird?

When revising items on eBay and other platforms, important design code may get deleted, causing "2 templates." Here's how to fix it:

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How to prevent issues with templates:

  • After applying a design template, only using our listings editors for that listing.

  • Remove the design template before editing outside of 3Dsellers.

Why template errors occur:

  • eBay (in particular) will modify the HTML code in your description as soon as you open a "revise listing" page.

  • The code eBay removes tells our system there is a template applied.

  • If this code is missing, our system will apply your design on top of the corrupted code, doubling the design.

How to check if there is a template error:

  • Head to your Listings tab in Listing Designer and click the Edit Description button for an affected listing:

  • There is a template error if you see your template in the editor:

How to fix a corrupted template:

Step 1 - Copy Description

  • Copy only the description text of your listing.

Step 2 - Go to Code View

  • Click the editor's 3-dot menu icon in the top right and select "code view"

Step 3 - Delete all the code

  • Click the code

  • Press CTRL+A (select all)

  • Delete the code

Step 4 - Exit code view and paste your description

  • Press the code view button again to exit,

  • then paste your description into the editor.

After applying to eBay, your template will display normally.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at [email protected]

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