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eBay Find & Replace: How to bulk-update listing descriptions, titles, and item specifics
eBay Find & Replace: How to bulk-update listing descriptions, titles, and item specifics

Find text in your listing descriptions and replace or delete it in bulk.

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What is eBay Find and Replace?

Find & Replace searches for content in eBay listings to delete or replace it.

Which listing details can I edit?

3Dsellers' Find and Replace (F&R) feature can edit a listing's

  • Title

  • Description

  • SKU

  • Item Specifics Name (e.g. Size, Color, Material)

  • Items Specifics Value (e.g. Small, Blue, Plastic)

How do I undo F&R bulk updates?

*Before making changes, backup your listings so you can re-upload to revert:

  1. Use Report Center to create a Custom Report with these settings:

    1. Report Type: "Listings - from eBay"

    2. Include all fields you will be searching and replacing.

  2. Upload the Update eBay Listings CSV feature to revert the changes

Pro Tip: For your assurance, your 3Dsellers account saves a copy of eBay descriptions the very first time it sees them. If at any time you want to revert your listing descriptions to the "original state" on 3Dsellers, please reach out to us.

How to use eBay Find and Replace on 3Dsellers

Navigate to ProductsAll Listings

  • Select the listing or listings you want to edit.

  • Choose Find & Replace from the Bulk Actions menu.

  • In the pop-up window, fill the Find and Replace fields respectively (with the content you want to remove and for the replacement.)

  • Leave the Replace With field blank to delete the found content.

  • Select the eBay listing details to search

  • and adjust any advanced options

What can the Advanced options do?

  • Ignore case - find text regardless of capitalization.

  • PHP regex - *enable this to use PHP Regex syntax in your search

Pro eBay Regex Tip: A teammate web designer can use Regex queries to remove eBay listing templates (from non-3Dsellers software) as well as HTML elements and images. And an important note: you can use Regex syntax to find dynamic portions of SKUs and item specifics to make complex edits. Use a Regex syntax tester to ensure your query functions before applying with 3Dsellers.

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