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How to view only eBay Listing Description
How to view only eBay Listing Description

eBay descriptions are not hosted on, rather each description is its own webpage. Learn how to only open the eBay description:

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This is a Pro Tip regarding a feature on eBay (which may help with 3Dsellers workflows.)

The goal: view only your eBay Description in a desktop browser tab.

Why view only the eBay listing description in a browser tab?

  • Check the live description updates if eBay is delayed,

  • get more thinking space when editing custom CSS, or

  • more diverse responsive views (with your browser's dev tools).

eBay Descriptions are not on eBay?

  • eBay descriptions are hosted on a different website than eBay.

  • Each description is technically a web page.

  • Then, eBay "attaches" the description page to a listing.

How to view only the eBay Listing Description?

  • Paste the URL below into a new browser tab.

  • Replace "ITEM_ID" with your Item ID

Alternatively, you can find the eBay listing's iframe with your browser's dev tools.

  • Right-click the src to open the description URL. (remove all queries)

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