This is a Pro Tip regarding a feature on eBay (which may help with 3Dsellers workflows.)

The goal: view only your eBay Description in a desktop browser tab.

Why view only the eBay listing description in a browser tab?

  • Check the live description updates if eBay is delayed,

  • get more thinking space when editing custom CSS, or

  • more diverse responsive views (with your browser's dev tools).

eBay Descriptions are not on eBay?

  • eBay descriptions are hosted on a different website than eBay.

  • Each description is technically a web page.

  • Then, eBay "attaches" the description page to a listing.

How to view only the eBay Listing Description?

  • Paste the URL below into a new browser tab.

  • Replace "ITEM_ID" with your Item ID

Alternatively, you can find the eBay listing's iframe with your browser's dev tools.

  • Right-click the src to open the description URL. (remove all queries)

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