In Report Center's Custom Report settings, the Report Type option changes which data is exported in your CSV.

There are three Report Types to choose from:


  • The Orders option provides all available fields for order, buyer, and sales information regarding the item and shipment.

Listings - from 3Dsellers

  • This option will use data from your 3Dsellers database. We recommend visiting the Listings Manager first to sync your eBay items before generating this report. Click here to learn about syncing items and your database.

  • Some fields (such as description) are not included in your 3Dsellers database.

  • Filtering abilities are similar to the Listings Manager.

Listings - from eBay

  • This option will use eBay's API for live item information.

  • Fields, filters, and options are the settings that eBay provides when downloading your item data.

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