In Report Center's Custom Report settings, the Report Type determines which data is exported in your CSV. We currently provide four different Report Types:


  • The Orders option provides data directly from eBay for details about the order, buyer, and item and shipment information.

Listings - from 3Dsellers

  • Export data from your 3Dsellers database for advanced filtering abilities (in comparison to the "Listings - from eBay" report type).

Please note:

  • Some fields (such as description) are not included in your 3Dsellers database.

  • Before generating this report, visit the Listings Manager and sync your eBay items to make sure the data is up to date.

  • Filtering abilities are similar to the Listings Manager.

Listings - from eBay

  • This option will use eBay's API for live item data.

  • Fields, filters, and options from eBay are provided for customization.


  • The Cases report provides data directly from eBay about eBay cases.

  • Click here to see how to "pair the status with the case type" in the CSV.

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