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What does the "Sync Listings" button do?
What does the "Sync Listings" button do?

Update listings and orders across 3Dsellers with current eBay data. Learn more about these features.

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What does the Sync Listings button do?

Use the Sync Listings button to update your listings on 3Dsellers with changes made on eBay or other third-party software.

You do not need to sync for changes made with 3Dsellers or for new Orders that affect Inventory Control.

Typical uses for Sync Listings:

  • Update price, image, or other edits that were made on eBay.

  • Move Ended listings to the Ended tab.

Syncing listings updates the following tools:

Automation is already Synced

Automated tools (like inventory management) work with live eBay data.

These features do not require syncing listings:

  • Bundles/ Multichannel Inventory Sync

  • Offers

  • Listing Designer Automation

  • Placeholders/dynamic fields

Last Sync Timestamp

  • The last sync's timestamp is shown next to each Sync button.

  • After 24 hours, the timestamp will display as red text.

Why are the listings not live data?

Your 3Dsellers account uses a database of your eBay item information.

Helpful Uses for a Database:

  • Faster load times - Quickly retrieve item information without waiting on eBay's API.

  • Your database is a static backup of much of your listing data.

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