Default Report Templates

  • On Report Center's Template's tab, we provide you with three default report template types:


  • These templates generate reports of listings that sold.

The data includes:

  • the amount (selling price),

  • buyer information,

  • return/ cancellation information,

  • and order/ listing information.


  • Use these templates to export listings.


  • Creates a report of all sold listings with item data and views/watchers statistics.

Note: Before generating a Listings or Sales report, we recommend syncing your eBay items.

Alternatively, you can download live data directly from eBay's API by creating a custom template with "Listings - from eBay" as your Report Type.

How to generate a custom report template

  • (A) Choose a name and/ or description for your report.

  • (B) Select a Report Type. This will determine the field and filter settings in steps C and D.

  • (C) Choose fields (column headers) to include in your CSV report.

  • (D) Set filters to hone-in on specific items or orders that meet certain criteria.
    You can also enter emails to notify each time the report is generated.

Use the Save As Template button to create a custom template, or you can use the Generate Now button to create the report without saving.

Managing Custom Templates

  • Saved Custom Templates will appear above the default report templates:

  • You can use your custom templates in report automation and edit or generate the template and report at any time.

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