Alerts keep you and your team informed when an eBay listing's quantity (or Warehouse Inventory) depletes to a certain value, or if an item has sold a certain number of times.

3Dsellers offers default alert options and custom alerts for individual or multiple listings.

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Custom Warehouse alerts are not included in this video, click here to see setting.

How to set default eBay alerts

  • Visit your Listings Manager's Settings page and click the Alerts tab.

  • Here, you'll see your default alert settings:

Alert emails

All alerts will be sent to the emails you set here.

  • You can add your own email address to receive alerts and your teammates' emails as well:

Default alerts

Enable and/or set a value for these options to receive alerts for every item if the condition is met.

  • Get an alert when a listing's 'quantity sold' equals a certain number.

  • Receive an alert when your Warehouse Inventory is low.

  • Notify your team if an item using Inventory Control cannot be updated.

How to create custom eBay alerts

  • Select one or more listings from your Listings table,

  • and select Create Custom Alerts from the Bulk Actions menu:

  • A pop-up will appear where you can name your alert and set the event and value to trigger the alert.

  • After creating the alert, you can enable, disable, edit, or delete it on your Settings page, in the Alerts tab:

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