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Teammates: how to add users & set permissions for access to accounts, tools, and features
Teammates: how to add users & set permissions for access to accounts, tools, and features

Invite an employee, VA, freelancer, etc to help manage your business on 3Dsellers.

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Why use 3Dsellers teammates?

Instead of providing your eBay credentials to your team, you can invite your teammates to use your 3Dsellers account instead!

How does the Teammates feature work?

When your teammate accepts your invitation, they will create a 'teammate version' account for 3Dsellers. Only the tools and eBay accounts you allow them access to will be available to them.

How to add a teammate:

It is important to note that if your teammate already has personal 3Dsellers account, you must send the invitation to a different email address than what they use for their own 3Dsellers account. Invitations can only be sent to email addresses that are not the admin of a 3Dsellers account.

Step 1 - Add your teammate

  • Head over to your Teams page

3dsellers dashboard highlighting teams link in menu
  • Click Invite Teammate button

3dsellers teammates page highlighting invite teammate button
  • Enter your teammate's information.

    (A) - The name will appear for them on your account.
    (B) - Your teammate's email address (This is where the invitation is sent to, and what they will use to log in)
    (C) - If you want to restrict the computer or network your teammate is able to log in on, insert your teammate's IP address here.

3dsellers add new teammate pop up step one, name, email, and ip address
  • Set permissions for your teammate.

    (A) - Select the eCommerce accounts you want to allow access to.
    (B) - Choose which tools you'd like the teammate to use.
    (C) - Some tools allow restricting access to certain features.

3dsellers add teammate pop up step 2, permissions to accounts, tools, and features for ebay VA, freelancers, and employees

Step 2 - Invite your teammate

  • After clicking Send Invitation in the pop-up, your teammate will appear in your teammate management table.

3dsellers teammates page highlighting invited teammate
  • In the Actions column, you can
    (A) - copy the invitation link
    (B) - resend the invitation to their email
    (C) - edit permissions and information
    (D) - delete the teammate from your 3Dsellers account

3dsellers teammates actions for editing, inviting, and deleting

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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