Creating a PDF of your eBay listings is easier than you might think. With 3Dsellers, it takes only a couple of minutes to generate a 3Dsellers PDF Catalog to include in your eBay Email Marketing messages, webstore, social media posts, email lists, and other places you market your business.

You can even customize the design and which listings you include in your PDF.  

Step 1: Choose a Template

  • Head over to the PDF Templates tab.

  • Before creating new PDF files, choose a template and a color scheme.

Step 2: Create a PDF

  • Inside the popup, you'll find options to customize your eBay PDF Catalog.

eBay PDF Settings:

  • (A) The title of your catalog will be for your reference.

  • (B) Send yourself an email notification when the PDF is finished.

  • (C) Choose the site your eBay items are listed on.

  • (D) Ability to include prices

  • (E) Option to include all categories

  • (F) Choose only specific eBay categories for your PDF


Step 3: Share

After pressing the Create button, 3Dsellers PDF Catalog will begin creating a custom file for you to download or share.

Once it's finished, your eBay PDF will appear in your list of PDFs.
You can view the PDF online to save/download or copy the link to your eBay PDF and share it with your customers & followers.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at

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