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3Dsellers eBay Tools Overview | The all-in-one eBay Selling Manager | Copy
3Dsellers eBay Tools Overview | The all-in-one eBay Selling Manager | Copy

A quick briefing on each tool and how they can help you manage, market, and automate your eCommerce business.

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eBay Selling Tools Introduction

(full list of tools & resources below)

3Dsellers is designed to help you market, manage, and automate your eBay business.

  • Tools such as Auto Messages and Feedback Reminder are very powerful at providing automated customer service, as well as increasing your seller status and boosting your sales by cross-promoting items.

  • Listing Designer is not only a great way to distinguish your brand, but you can also cross-promote your other listings (so you get the next click, not the sponsors at the bottom of the page)

  • Customer Service transforms your customer messages & emails into support tickets and provides you and your team with a CRM workstation (saving you countless hours on customer service)

  • Listings software allows you to seamlessly manage listings with quick bulk-editing options, import and update listings via CSV, add SEO Keywords to your listings (to boost your items in search engine results), save drafts, transfer listings to other accounts, and more.

  • Inventory lets you hide your real inventory and create a demand marketing strategy (and avoid eBay selling limits) by showing a low quantity on eBay.

Check out this quick list of each of our tools
(and how each can benefit your business!)

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  • View your account's statistics: Impressions, CTR, Views, Conversion Rate, and Transaction count. You can also activate/deactivate tools and features.

Customer Service

  • Provide top-notch service to your buyers by using templates, automated responses, and an organized workflow; built with your teammates in mind.
    See help & how-to articles

Resolution Center

  • Manage all of your eBay cases in one place. All returns, inquiries, and cancellations are automatically sorted for easy management. You can even bulk-respond/resolve cases in just a couple of clicks.
    See help and how-to articles


  • A suite of abilities to manage and create listings: edit their attributes, save items to a library, end items, create listings individually, or by CSV. You can even add SEO meta keywords, descriptions, and image alt-tags to your listings.

  • Maintain a 'hidden stock' so eBay and buyers only see the quantities you want them to see. It also allows you to update your inventory individually, or in bulk by increments and with CSV files.
    See help and how-to articles


  • Manage your orders and transactions with a seamless workspace. You can bulk send messages, add/change tracking information, mark as shipped, download orders, and more.


  • Send bulk offers to your watchers and buyers, and automatically accept offers or counter them with custom rules.
    See help and how-to articles

Listing Designer

  • Design professional templates for your listings' descriptions which include a photo carousel, featured items, categories, and more.
    See help and how-to articles

Feedback Reminder

  • Automatically remind buyers to leave feedback with eBay's messaging system. This tool also allows you to leave feedback to them as well! Includes a Blocked List feature.
    See help and how-to articles

Auto Messages

  • Automatically send your buyers custom eBay messages, and emails with cross-promoted items. You can choose to send messages for multiple transaction events with custom timing. Utilize a wide range of rules and message customization and deliver eBay Digital Goods.
    See help and how-to articles

Shipping Tracker

  • View and receive alerts on the status of all your shipments. You can also create eBay messages to be automatically sent to your buyers based on the item's tracking status.
    See help & how-to articles

Report Center

  • Generate a spreadsheet of your orders and items in only a click. Create custom report templates with advanced filters, choose fields you wish to export, and schedule automatic reports at custom times.
    See help and how-to articles


Facebook Store

PDF Catalog

Image Editor

  • Edit and customize your listing's images directly on 3DSeller's platform. No software. No re-uploading pictures to eBay.
    See help and how-to articles

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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