If an eBay account is already associated with another 3Dsellers account, we offer the ability to merge eBay accounts into a different 3Dsellers account, along with all 3Dsellers settings for that eBay account.

This process is automatic when adding an eBay account, requiring only your confirmation to merge the accounts.

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How do I merge or transfer an eBay account into a different 3Dsellers account?

  • (1) Sign out of 3Dsellers and eBay in your browser (or open an incognito window).

  • (4) A pop-up will follow where you can confirm merging the account.

Why do I see this message when I add an eBay account?

  • This message means that there is already a 3Dsellers account connected to the eBay account you are trying to add.

What happens when I merge accounts?

  • If you press the Merge button, all of your content, data, templates, etc. for this eBay account will be merged into the 3Dsellers account that you are currently logged in to.

  • Important: Before using the Merge button, make sure you are logged into the main account you want to use for 3Dsellers.

I don't remember signing up for 3Dsellers with this eBay account?

  • If you don't remember signing up for 3Dsellers with this eBay account, you may have an account from using one of our apps on the discontinued eBay App store. Or, a teammate may have created one.

Do active 3Dsellers subscriptions merge as well?

  • Sadly, active subscriptions cannot merge into another account.

My eBay account is merged into a trial or wrong 3Dsellers account. What do I do?

If your eBay account has been merged (that was part of an active 3Dsellers subscription), you will need to add your eBay account back into your main 3Dsellers account.

  • (1) Sign out of 3Dsellers and eBay in your browser (or open an incognito window).

  • (2) Log in to 3Dsellers with the email address for your main account. (you may need to reset your password).

  • (3) Visit your eBay Accounts page and add all of your relevant accounts back into your main account.

What do I do if both 3Dsellers accounts have active subscriptions?

If both 3Dsellers accounts have an active subscription,

  • choose which 3Dsellers account you want to use,

  • Then, log out of 3Dsellers and log back into your secondary account and cancel your subscription.

Note: Sadly, credits and payments cannot be transferred between accounts.

Can you merge my accounts for me?

For your security, we implore you to do this on your own. If by chance it is impossible for you to do, our team will need to verify that you own the eBay account with several layers of security questions. The entire process can take up to 7-14 days.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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