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Hiring a designer for custom listing templates?
Hiring a designer for custom listing templates?

Read this before hiring a freelancer/designer to build you a custom template on 3Dsellers.

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Where do I hire a designer?

  • Freelancing websites, such as Fiverr or UpWork are great places to find teammates to help create designs.

What to ask for:

Many designers will deliver a file of HTML code to install in your listings.

However, if you accept only custom HTML, you will lose many of the features on 3Dsellers to edit and update your designs.

For example, templates (not labeled "classic") allow you to

Whichever method is right for you, we recommend two things:

  • Send potential and hired designers this article for instruction on customizing and importing templates.

  • If you want to customize a template (not labeled "classic"),

  • Add your designer as a teammate to create and/or install the template.

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