Below is a reference of

  • how media, content, and settings are stored on 3Dsellers,

  • and limitations of uploads and data storage.

Product Photos:

3Dsellers automatically hosts product images unless you select a different host.

Why use 3Dsellers Image Host?

  • Fast, reliable

  • Lossless image compression (fast loading on eBay)

  • Permanent product photo backup (save images for Holiday and Seasonal items)

  • Automatically assign images by SKU

  • Stop "EPS Mixed-Photos" error from eBay


  • 9,000 x 9,000 pixels

  • 12MB

  • Image Zip upload: 200MB

  • Variation Photos are hosted on eBay: eBay requires they alone host variation images. However, choosing "3Dsellers hosting" will save the images for use in the future.

Image Removal:

  • Active Subscriptions: Images are hosted indefinitely; they are not deleted.

  • Expired Subscriptions: Images are deleted 90 days after last used on eBay.

Other Image Hosts

  • eBay (reliable but slow publish and CSV upload)

  • Self-hosted (some image hosts do not work with eBay)

Images not displaying on eBay?

Image URLs uploaded to eBay can take a few minutes (very rarely, hours) to process in every location (search results, seller hub, etc.).

Larger image files will increase processing time. 3Dsellers Hosting also uses URLs, however, images on 3Dsellers are compressed automatically so they process faster.

  • If uploading image URLs to eBay, eBay search result photos are usually blank for a few seconds. On occasion, eBay may require more time to process the image.

  • Within a few seconds to a few minutes, the image will usually always display normally.

How to choose the image host:

Navigate to Edit Listing > Photos & Videos > Image Host menu or with Import CSV image hosting options.

  • Select a different image host before uploading photos.

  • For Self-Hosted: Select "eBay Hosted" to use a self-hosted URL.


Videos can be uploaded to 3Dsellers and eBay for your listings.


  • eBay Description: 3Dsellers

  • eBay Product Video (Select Countries): eBay

  • Listing Designer: 3Dsellers (with text editor upload)

Video Upload Limits

  • eBay Description: 20mb

  • eBay Product Video: 150mb

  • Listing Designer: 30mb

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