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Image Hosting, Storage, and Upload Limits
Image Hosting, Storage, and Upload Limits

Learn about Image Hosting, deletion, upload limits, and common issues.

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Below is a reference of

  • how media, content, and settings are stored on 3Dsellers,

  • and any limitations of uploads and data storage.


When you publish a listing, images are eBay Hosted by default even if the host is set differently.

  • eBay's system will now try and save your self-hosted photos.

  • Self-hosted URLs will not be used on listings (unless eBay's system fails to save the photos)

  • Photos uploaded to 3Dsellers Hosting will still be backed up (by SKU).

eBay Product Photos Host Options:

3Dsellers can host/backup product images, and can automatically assign them to listings by SKU.

Limits of eBay Hosting (when they delete images)

  1. eBay will delete product images 90 days after the last time they are used on eBay's website.

    1. For example, when you end a listing, you will have 180 days until eBay deletes the image (90 days in eBay Ended Listings + 90 days following)

  2. Or, if you create a 3Dsellers Draft with eBay Hosting, eBay will delete the image after 30 days if not published.

Benefits of 3Dsellers Image Host

Product photo backup

  • Back up eBay product images without time-limits.

    • Save seasonal/ holiday items without re-uploading photos.

  • Unpublished 3Dsellers Drafts will retain the image (instead of eBay deleting the images after 30 days without publishing)

Faster than eBay

  • Importing images to eBay with CSV can slow processing time, but 3Dsellers Image Hosting quickly processes your images in the background so you can publish the listings faster.

Automatically assign and suggest images by SKU

  • 3Dsellers Image Hosting associates the image with the listing's SKU and listing details; so if you create a similar listing, 3Dsellers will automatically suggest the same images.

  • Images with an assigned SKU can be applied automatically to 3Dsellers Drafts in bulk, saving time compared to uploading to single listings or a CSV.

Prevent EPS Image Error:

  • If you use eBay Hosting, and add more photos later, eBay may send an "eBay Picture Services (EPS) image error".

    • Note: When you publish the listing, eBay saves the images to their image hosting.

      • But, the images will still be backed up on 3Dsellers.

How to prevent the EPS error:

  • When making a 3Dsellers Draft, select "Vendor Hosted" for the Image Host.

    • The photos you upload will be saved to 3Dsellers according to the Draft's SKU.

    • Added photos by URL with the "Vendor Hosted" option will use the original image host.

Near-Lossless Image Compression

  • 3Dsellers Image Hosting automatically compresses large image files so product photos load as fast as possible on all devices.

  • 3Dsellers' image-compression quality is near-identical to the original where likely only professional analysis would notice the difference.

"Lossless" is a term for image compression that means "no image quality is lost during compression."

3Dsellers Image Host Limits & Deletion:

  • 9,000 x 9,000 pixels

  • 12MB

  • Image Zip upload: 200MB

  • Variation Photos are hosted on eBay: eBay requires they alone host variation images. However, choosing "3Dsellers hosting" will save the images for use in the future.

Image Removal:

  • Active Subscriptions: Images are hosted indefinitely; they are not deleted.

  • Expired Subscriptions: Images are deleted 90 days after last used on eBay.

Are your images not displaying on eBay?

Image URLs uploaded to eBay Hosting can take a few minutes (very rarely, hours) to process in every location (search results, seller hub, etc.). Larger image files will increase processing time.

  • If uploading image URLs to eBay, eBay search result photos are usually blank for a few seconds. On occasion, eBay may require more time to process the image.

  • Within a few seconds to a few minutes, the image will usually always display normally.

How to choose the image host:

Select an image host before uploading photos to a listing or before importing products with a CSV.

Listing Editor Image Host Options

  • Create or Edit a Listing.

  • Select the Photos & Videos tab,

  • Select an option from the Image Host menu.

  • Vendor Hosted:

    • Uploads will be stored on 3Dsellers.

    • Image URLs will use the original image host.

  • eBay Hosted:

    • Uploaded photos will be saved to eBay Hosting (deleted in 30 days if not published).

    • Image URLs will be saved to the 3Dsellers Draft and sent to eBay during publishing.

    • Do not combine URLs and image uploads with eBay Hosting (it will cause an eBay API error)

CSV Import Products Image Host Options

  • Navigate to Products -> Listings Manager -> CSV Upload

  • Click the Import Products button to open the menu,

  • Above the Mapping table, click the Images button

  • The 3Dsellers Drafts that are created from your CSV will use the selected image host:


Product Videos for eBay listings are uploaded to

  • 3Dsellers for descriptions,

  • and to eBay for Photo Gallery videos.


  • eBay Description: 3Dsellers

  • eBay Product Video (Select Countries): eBay

  • Listing Designer: 3Dsellers (with text editor upload)

Video Upload Limits

  • eBay Description: 20mb

  • eBay Product Video: 150mb

  • Listing Designer: 30mb


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