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Progressive eBay Counteroffers (Automatic eBay Offer Bargaining)
Progressive eBay Counteroffers (Automatic eBay Offer Bargaining)

Bargain with eBay buyers automatically. When a buyer counters your offer, increase your original counteroffer by percentage increments.

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How do progressive offer responses work?

After you counter a buyer's eBay offer, if the buyer counters back, Offers Manager will send more offers with increasingly higher discounts.

How many counteroffers can an eBay seller send?

Sellers may send up to 5 counteroffers for most items or 10 in most vehicle categories.

How to automatically bargain with eBay buyers and Offers

Enable Dynamic Response to Bargain

If the buyer counters after your original counteroffer, Dynamic Response will increase each proceeding sent counteroffer by a custom percent.

  • Enable Dynamic Response.

  • Set a Max offer percentage for the highest discount you will allow the system to send.

  • Set a percent to increase the original counteroffer by (and to add to each proceeding counteroffer)

In this example, if the initial response is 5%, Dynamic Response's full counteroffer log would be:

  1. 5%

  2. 7%

  3. 9%

  4. 10%

  5. 10%

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