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How to automatically send, accept, and counter eBay offers
How to automatically send, accept, and counter eBay offers

Boost your sales by managing offers with less effort. Offers Automation rules are a perfect "set it & forget it" marketing tactic.

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With Offers' Automation rules, you (and your team) can save countless hours when using eBay offers to market your products.

You can create rules to send and respond to offers for items that match certain criteria.

Step 1 - Create a new automation

  • A pop-up window will open with setting options for your offers automation rule:

Step 2 - Program your automation rule

There are two Action options that will change the rest of the settings you see:

Option 1 - Send Offers

This option will send offers for offer-eligible items. You can set the offer, optimize delivery, and send for only certain items with the following options:

  • (A) Set an Offer Value.

  • (B) Choose the Quantity of units the buyer needs to purchase to accept the offer.

  • (C) Select a Time to send your offers.

  • (D) Include a custom message.

  • (E) Filter groups of listings or filter individual listings to send offers for.

Options 2 - Respond to Offers

When automatically responding to offers, you can set your rule to accept, and/or send a counter offer based on your settings:

If accepting, set offer requirements for which you will accept:

  • (A) Offer value & quantity

  • (B) Threshold, if accepting offers within a certain price range

  • (C) Set a custom message to send when accepting.

If the buyer's offer doesn't meet your requirements to accept it, you can choose to send a counter-offer:

  • (A) Set the Offer Value you want to counter with.

  • (B) Include a custom message to be sent with your counter-offer.

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