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Orders Filters & Search Bar Overview
Orders Filters & Search Bar Overview

Quickly find and manage the eBay orders you need with powerful custom filters and search.

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In this article we'll review:

Order Filters

When used regularly to manage orders, filters can help save a lot of valuable time.

There are millions of combinations you can filter your orders by. 3Dsellers offers using the following criteria for filtering orders:

  • order/buyer details,

  • item details,

  • case status,

  • feedback status,

  • shipping status,

  • and more.

Save Custom Filters

You can even save custom filter combos for a variety of time-saving tasks:

  • Supplier/warehouse Purchase-Order CSV → Filter new orders by a listing tag or SKU that identifies your supplier; then use Bulk Action to export a CSV.

  • Item Customization Filter → Filter new orders and add a "Buyer Note Is Present" filter to view orders with buyer notes. Optionally add item detail filters so you only see ordered items listed as "customizable" on eBay.

  • Shipping Service Filter → Filter orders by the shipping service selected by the buyer (or default to the listing) to get priority mail shipped quickly.

  • Bulk Message for Recalls and Item Info → If you've received a recall notice from a manufacturer, run into delays or have important info to relay about an item that was purchased, you can filter only orders for that particular item; then use Bulk Actions to send every buyer a message.

Virtually any group of items you need to see, export, send a message to, etc, will be available at the click of a few buttons.

After creating your filter combination, you can save it as a Quick Filter:

Quick Filters

The Quick Filters menu includes default filters you may find useful:

  • Pending Shipment

  • Returns

  • Pending Cancellations

  • Return Process


Search is a basic yet powerful function, allowing you to find orders by:

  • Order ID

  • Transaction ID

  • Buyer Name (first and/or last)

  • Buyer's eBay Username

  • Item ID

  • SKU

  • Item Title

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