Why use advanced tracking?

When Shipping Tracker tracks your packages, it can:

  • Send automated messages to buyers for specific shipping events:

  • Send you and your team alerts when certain shipping events occur:

Shipping Tracker's messages also provide a placeholder for a *special* Tracking Link.

This link will take your buyer to a custom page on ShipFollow.com that will showcase your other eBay items (and of course, show the carrier's shipping status)

What are Shipping Tokens?

Shipping Tokens are a way to pay for advanced order tracking. Each tracked order uses only one token for the entire shipment.

Why do I have to buy Shipping Tokens for Advanced Tracking?

Advanced Tracking requires extra server work to communicate with your shipping carrier. It also takes more work than usual to log every tracking event from your carrier and provide this to you and your customers.

Each subscription option comes with a free amount of monthly tokens.

How do I buy more Shipping Tokens?

If you're low on Shipping Tokens, visit your Shipping Tracker dashboard and use the Get More Shipping Tokens button:

A pop-up window will display where you can purchase tokens to continue advanced tracking.

Bonus: You can also automatically purchase shipping tokens.

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