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How to Use Dynamic Fields (placeholders) to Personalize Auto Messages
How to Use Dynamic Fields (placeholders) to Personalize Auto Messages

Learn about dynamic fields and send personalized messages with content relating to your eBay buyer's purchase.

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Dynamic Fields (placeholders) are used to send personalized buyer/order data automatically.

Each time a message is sent, dynamic fields are replaced with information specific to the buyer and their purchase.

Step 1 - Choose a Message 

Choose/edit a message to customize. Go to Messages


Step 2 - Insert a Dynamic Fields into your message

  • Visit step 5 Message content and your dynamic fields will be displayed next to your message editor:

  • Click the dynamic field you want to use and it will be inserted into your message.

A quick overview of each dynamic field:

  • {item_name} - The Title of your eBay listing.

  • {buyer_first_name} - The buyer's first name.

  • {buyer_name} - Buyer's eBay username

  • {order_id} - eBay's assigned order ID

  • {item_id} - eBay-assigned ID of your listing

  • {item_link} - A link to your eBay listing

  • {product_review_link} - A link to review the product (if eligible for review)

  • {item_feedback_link} - A link to leave you feedback

  • {shipping_address} - Full shipping address

  • {estimated_delivery_date} - eBay's estimated date of delivery

  • {variation_specifics} - The variation identifiers of the item purchased

  • {shipping_country} - Country the item is shipping to

  • {shipping_city} - City of shipping address

  • {shipping_postal_code} - Postal or zip code of shipping address

  • {shipping_street} - Street address of shipping details

  • {shipping_state_or_province} - State/province of shipping address

  • {tracking_number} - Tracking number uploaded to eBay

  • {courier} - The order's shipping carrier

After saving, every time the message is sent, the dynamic fields will be replaced with the appropriate information that relates to the sale. 


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