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Auto Messages Overview - features and message settings
Auto Messages Overview - features and message settings

Check out this quick overview of all the main features Auto Messages has to offer. Links to how-tos and other content included.

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How can Auto Messages help my business?

Auto Messages enables you the ability to provide buyers with

  • personalized service,

  • feedback follow-ups,

  • cross-promotion,

  • digital delivery,

  • and more,

Auto Messages completely automates sending follow-up emails and eBay Messages and includes unique features to boost your store's performance.

Let's dive right into what Auto Messages has to offer.

In this article:

Dashboard and settings

  • The Auto Messages Dashboard displays a chart of your 30-day sent message activity and searchable history of sent messages.

Email Settings (Shopify Email Auto Messages)

Blocked List

The Blocked List prevents Auto Messages from sending to certain buyers and orders.

  • Manually add buyers to your Blocked List, or enable automatic settings to prevent sending a message that may seem out of place.

  • You can also create rules to keep messages from sending for certain items.

How to create and manage messages

In the Messages tab, you can

  • enable,

  • edit,

  • duplicate,

  • preview,

  • test (email only),

  • and delete your messages.

When creating or editing a message, different settings are grouped into steps:

General Settings

    • Item Sold

    • Item Shipped

    • Sold but not paid

    • Delayed Handling Time

    • Positive Feedback Received

    • Neutral Feedback Received

    • Negative Feedback Received

    • Return (Case) Created

    • Order Inquiry (Case) Opened

  • send message copies to your email,

  • and opt to send multiple messages for orders with more than 1 item.

Cross-Promotion (Shopify Auto Messages)

Sending Rules

Message Content

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